Hello Friends!

We want to start out by extending a huge welcome to all of you! 
Thank you so much for visiting our site. Our small business dream has been made a reality from customers like you! 
We are so grateful you are here! 

A little bit about
the Bo + the Ty of BoTy Boutique

 My name is Bobbie, hence the "Bo" in our name. The "Ty" comes from my better half, my future hubby, Tyler. Get it? BoTy? Haha! Ok! - Now that you know we are total goofballs we'll move along to how we've come about!

We started our business in 2015 in DeLand, FL knowing that we wanted a change of pace and not knowing where this would take us. I've always had a love for old, vintage things. I bought my first home while still in college, a 1940's fixer upper and I fell in love with the process! I just never knew that one day that passion would turn into a business for me. I am creative and the eye behind many of our designs. The real manpower though comes from Tyler, he always brings my creations to life and often better than I imagined. He's the muscle, the sweat, and the know-how on everything we do! 
Our design style? Well, I'm not sure we can narrow it down to just one! It's just a big 'ole mix of a whole lot of things we love. We believe in adding character to spaces through vintage finds, reclaimed + repurposed goods then mixing them in with new, glamorous pieces to make a home come to life! We believe a home is most comfortably enjoyed by bringing the past + the present together to create your own story! 

Thanks again for stopping by. Get comfy & stay awhile!

- Bobbie + Tyler