Our Story.

Hi guys! We are Bobbie & Tyler Baker, creators and owners of Baker & Co. Home Mercantile in DeLand, FL. We started our business in 2015 not really knowing where this passion would take us. I (Bobbie) have always had a love for antique and vintage decor. Growing up around antiques must have seeped into my soul. I am the creative eye behind many of our curated, hand picked pieces. But the real muscle comes from my better-half, Tyler. He always brings my ideas, and creations to life... and quite often better than I had imagined.


We've spent the past four plus years traveling the country hand picking antiques and vintage home decor that we love. Each year we bring our Pop Up Shop to over 20 markets throughout the United States. We love being able to find unique items from near and far and are excited to announce that we have finally found the perfect place to have a store of our own! In the summer of 2019 we found an abandoned 1960's warehouse that was in desperate need of a new life in our hometown of DeLand, FL. Since then we've been slowly renovating the property and opening once a month to for customers to shop our finds! 

We believe in adding character to spaces through the mixture of vintage and antique finds. We also believe a home is most comfortably enjoyed by bringing the past and the present together to create your family's own story!

Thank you for stopping by and we invite you to visit us while in DeLand! 

- Bobbie + Tyler