Our Story.

 We started this labor of love in 2015, knowing we wanted a change of pace, but not knowing at all where our passion projects would take us! 

Hi, my name is Bobbie. I am a lover of old, vintage things. While still in college, I bought my first home, which was –to say the least, a 1940's fixer upper. It was love at first sight, and that love of restoring and bringing life back into a home changed everything! I never thought this passion would one day turn into an actual business for me. 

I am the creative and the eye behind many of our designs. But the real muscle comes from my better-half, Tyler. He always brings my ideas, and creations to life... and quiet often, better than I even imagined! We are so excited to announce that now we finally have a STORE of our very own located in our hometown, of DeLand, Florida. 

We believe in adding character to spaces through vintage finds, reclaimed + repurposed goods then mixing them in with new, glamorous pieces to make a home come to life! 
We believe a home is most comfortably enjoyed by bringing the past + the present together to create your own story!

Thank you for stopping by and we invite you to visit us while in Deland! 

- Bobbie + Tyler